My Experiece in TTMaSA

At TTMaSA, I learned  how work on WordPress.  My group and I built a website.  I thought it would have been hard to build it, but thanks to the TTMaSA teachers for showing me the steps for building a website. I also learned a lot about science. For example, which do you think is faster:  […]

What Travel Might Be Like in the Future

In the future, we might live in the air. Your house might float in midair. Your cars might be floating, as well. They would have to make a way for people to be in the air without crashing. They’re going have school inside the air. Kids’ bus stops would be in the air. So they would have […]

Who Inspires Me

I look up to my mother. She teaches me how to be a leader. She always makes sure that I put my education first. She always told me that without it, I wouldn’t go as far in life as I wanted if I didn’t. She knows if I want to be a doctor, I have to put my […]

Derrick Burton

My name is Derrick. I live in Kansas City. I go to school at Wyandotte High School. I am going to be a junior this year. I came to TTMaSA to learn and to get paid for learning.

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