My Experience With TTMaSA

My experience with TTMaSA has been much different than I expected. It has been enlightening for me. Not only did I learn from the curriculum, I learned from all of the other people here. This has been wonderful preparation for when I start the Gateway To College program in the fall. From getting up early […]

Travel 50 Years into the Future

Looking fifty years into the future, I know that transportation will be much different than it is today. Cars, trains and planes may be much more developed than they are today. Transportation that exists in our modern world relies on fuels such as coal and gas. But fifty years from now, I believe that fuels […]

My Inspiration

When I think of where my inspiration comes from, I think of my daughter, Carmen. She’s only two, but she inspires me to do almost everything in my life. I see her tackle all sorts of challenges that many people may think of as small, but they’re big to her. She has learned to crawl, […]

Sara Katzer

My name is Sara and I live in Kansas City, Kansas. I’m attending TTMaSA for help on catching up on my education and to further myself intellectually. I don’t currently attend school, but I have plans to attend Donnelly’s Gateway To College program to earn my high school diploma and continue my education.

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