My TTMaSA Experience

My overall experience with TTMaSA has been awesome! The counselors, teachers, and most of the students are great. They try to help you in any way they can. The field trips are fun and interesting. My favorite class would have to be technology. It was definitely a great experience and I might even do it […]

In Fifty Years…

In 50 years, I see travel being similar to what it is now. I see cars being more energy efficient. Cars would probably be sleeker and smaller and more like sports cars. My basis for these ideas is where the cars today are headed. They would probably be more aerodynamic so they could go faster […]

Who Inspires Me?

Both my mother Susanna and my Aunt Wanda are the people who inspire me most. Although, my aunt just passed away she will always be remembered by many people as a great woman, she was a selfless woman. She fed anyone who was hungry and helped anyone who needed help. If you went to my […]

Andrea Oringderff

I live in Kansas City, Kansas. I attend Sumner Academy of Arts and Science, and I will be a junior next year. I decided to attend TTMaSA because it seemed like it would be good to put on a resume and the pay was a bonus. I’m looking forward to building this website. It is […]

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