Rail and Freight Careers

By The National Archives and Records Administration

There are many different types of railway careers to choose from if you are interested in the rail and freight industry.

Railroad Conductors:

  • Directs all operations of passenger and freight train staff and is responsible for following all train procedures.
  • Ensures the security and comfort of all passengers and checks each passenger for a valid ticket.

Railroad Brake Operators:

  • Operates brake switches and aids in coupling and uncoupling rail cars.
  • Requires physical strength and endurance to perform tasks.

Locomotive Engineer:

  • Requires skills as a mechanic and knowledge of basic physics.
  • Ability to read system gauges and other instruments used to exchange information with conductors.

Freight Carman:

  • Works in the rail yards and maintains rail cars.


  • In charge of yard operations and yard employees.

Logistics Coordinator:

  • Oversees the loading and unloading of supplies in the warehouse.

Track Maintenance Workers:

  • Repairs, maintains and lays the track for all trains.

Switch and Signal Operators:

  • Controls all signals and switches on the tracks and within rail yards.

Train Dispatchers:

  • Directs the routes of all trains within their designated zone.
  • Requires knowledge of a computer and the ability to multitask.

Special Agents:

  • A police officer that works for the railroad company to protect the property and assets that belong to the railroad.





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