Types of Trains


These are the main types of trains:

Freight/Cargo  trains:

  • Freight trains carry goods from one place to another.
  • National speed limit is 60 mph but is rarely sustained.

Passenger trains:

  • Passenger trains transport people from one place to another.

High speed trains

  • High speed trains can go 125 mph or faster.
  • They generally connect large metropolitan areas, but they don’t stop very often.
  • High speed trains are used for passengers who want to go to a far distance from where they are.

Boat trains:

  • A train that takes passengers to a port where they can continue their journey by ship, or a train that takes them from a port to a town.

Intercity trains:

  • Intercity trains travel for a far distance connecting metropolitan areas.
  • Intercity passenger trains are operated by railroad companies that also haul freight trains.

Electrical trains:

  • Electric trains can transport people and goods from one place to another place by electricity.

Coal Trains:

  • Coal trains travel by coal, not electricity, and it can also transport people, like passenger trains, and goods.




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