Subway History in NYC, NY.

The main points of subway history in NYC.

  •   The subway was created in New York City, NY in an attempt to clear up street congestion and provide a rapid transit for interborough   travel. It was called the Interborough Rapid Transit (IRT). The IRT was the first subway company in New York City, New York.
  •   The IRT opened in 1904.
  • Shallow underground tunnels were used for the subways because they eliminated the need for artificial ventilation and the passing of the cars kept the air circulating.
  •   In 1913, the Dual Contracts program began. This project lead to the formation of additional subway lines operated by the IRT or the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit (BMT).
  • The Independent Subway (IND) was formed and operated by New York City as a system independent from the IRT and BMT subway lines.
  • In 1940, the IRT and BMT systems went bankrupt and were taken over by the city of New York. Slowly, these lines were unified with the IND and free transfer points between each division were established.

Ø           The subway lines are now referred to by division. The B-1 Division is formerly known as the BMT lines and The B-2 Division is formerly known    as the IND lines.

Photo by Subway Souvenir-Burroughs & Co.

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