Elevated Trains in Chicago, IL.

The idea of elevated railroad systems in Chicago was initially conceived in 1803. Today, these systems are referred to as the “L.” The “L” has been able to accommodate travel in Chicago for the increasing and decreasing population. As the population of Chicago increased, the city streets became congested with commuting cars and the “L” was created as a solution to that problem.

As Chicago develops and grows, the “L” has always formed to the needs of the people. When the “L” lines were first created, the Chicago Rapid Transit Company (CRT) was in control but failed to bring in enough revenue to keep the train operating. In 1949, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) took over to reform the transit industry. In present day Chicago, the CTA is still running the elevated train systems with great success.

Source: http://www.chicago-l.org/history/"El" train

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